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The Drew Trust was established in 1956 as a memorial to Lieutenant Colonel Charles Douglas Drew. He was Curator of Dorset County Museum and Secretary to the Dorset Natural History and Archaeology Society from 1934 until his death in 1956. He was a soldier, historian and archaeologist and frequently lectured at schools and to adult education groups. His efforts were especially directed at young people and he illustrated different aspects of Dorset life and history to hundreds of school parties who visited the Museum. It was in recognition of this that the Trust was set up in 1959 to provide prizes and small scholarships to encourage the study of history. 






Past winners include...

1986 Susan Adlam-Hill

1987 Andrew Wood

1989 Timothy Sharman

1990 Alison Humles and Simon Haigh

1991 Emma Loveridge and Simon Haigh

1992 Melaine Kemp and John Tilsely

1993 George Horsington and Miss S Cooper

1997 Emma McCormack

1998 Michael Cordy

1999 Jacqueline Potter

2000 Claire Price and Huw Moore

2001 Stuart Mounce and Glyn Gaskarth

2002 Thomas Horsington and Ben Vincent

2003 Tim Hill

2004 Anna Morgan

2005 Harriet Shaw, Kate Lehane and Sui Lin Allan

2006 Lizzie Crawford and Laurel Burn

2007 Sarah Lewis and William Espensen

2008 Hugh Shone and Matthew Harris

2009 Ruby Bush, Kieron O'Donoghue and Alex Timperley

2010 Kelly Deremaux and Michaela Tye

2011 Phillipa Lewis and Emily Smith

2012 Michael Acton and Robert Grassby

2013 Hetty van Hensbergen and Nicola Sharpe

2014 Helen Carter and Joanne Young

2015 Natasha Bailey and Eleanor Mullin

2016 Katharine Neame and Amy Steadman

2018 Oliver Walden and Connor Bennett

2019 Juliet Ferguson , Jemimah Hunter and Holly Anderson

2020 Charles Bone and Jessica Pitman

2021 Mimi Francis-Mearns, Evie Allum and Georgia Staal

2022 Sam Wistanley, Hannah Lewry Isaac Sparke

2023 Leonie Cobban, Eve Gilmour and Sophie Hall



The Trust provides an annual money prize to outstanding A level students of History in the Secondary School of Dorchester who subsequently take up a place at university. The Trustees will contact the school for nominations each year and each prize, which is intended to provide educational support, is awarded on entry to university.

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